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nnovative wellness app tracks blood pressure, manages sleep cycle, and promotes weight loss.


  • Half of the world's population is expected to live in developing Asia by 2025 amid an increasingly aging demographic. Tech-enabled, personalized solutions must evolve with customers to be predictive, preventive, and cognitive. 

    Vivacity is a mobile wellness app designed to promote healthy lifestyles and improves the engagement of insurers and health insurance customers. Our innovative app delivers free user-centric health information with every purchased policy.


Features and Benefits

Know Your Health

Vivacity empowers patients and providers with greater control and management over healthcare needs with up-to-the-minute information on primary care checkups, access to specialists, and prescription drug information. Integration with IoT devices allowing doctors to monitor patient heart rate, glucometer readings, calorie count, and other vital signs so they can better manage health care.

Improve Your Health

Vivacity provides tips and resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including diet reminders throughout the day, exercise trackers, medical cost management, telemedicine, and chronic disease management. A health journal can provide accurate information to doctors.

Get Rewarded

Earn and redeem loyalty points on products, accessories, and merchandise purchases to receive discounts and vouchers.

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