Corporate Solutions

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Asset Management

  • Lexasure takes an innovative approach to asset management through reinsurance on funds withheld basis. Our robust strength in U.S. Dollar-denominated capital markets at lower costs generates stable and healthy returns.

    Investment Areas:

    Lexasure’s asset management solutions enable local insurers to access best-in-class dollar denominated investment products to enhance and stabilize returns, increase confidence of customers and regulators

Wholesale Insurance

  • Our wholesale reinsurance broker services draw on decades of trading experience delivering wholesale services in specialist international insurance, treaty reinsurance, and facultative reinsurance to insurance companies, retailers, producing brokers, and risk owners.  

    We provide customized wholesale reinsurance intermediary services on various treaty and facultative risks, sourcing capacity programs at competitive prices with global market players.


    Lexasure’s wholesale reinsurance brokerage services taps into a century of reinsurance expertise and network of the most active reinsurers to devise the best solution for our clients

Captive Management

  • We offer bespoke captive management and risk solutions through protected captive cells (PCC), the fastest-growing product offering for risk owners looking self-retention pools and insurance vehicles for risk retention to maximize insurance cost savings, tax efficiency structures, and deployment of enterprise risk management strategies.

    Our professional risk managers and engineers assess retention of risk, providing reinsurance over and above risk retention at the captive level. Risk owners can retain profitable risk exposures in an efficient tax environment to build tax-efficient reserves. Excess risks are placed through external global reinsurance markets.

    Lexasure’s captive management solutions offer a sophisticated approach to optimizing risk retention, profit, and tax issues tailored to the needs of each insurance company client

Advisory Solutions
for Insurers

  • Insurance companies are subject to increasingly stringent risk compliance standards set by local regulators. We have the expertise to ensure that your insurance business is able to grow without risking capital shortfalls or regulatory sanctions. 

    Lexasure offers best-in-class advice and consulting on:

    Accelerate your growth, focus on your core, and simplify reporting and compliance with Lexasure’s advisory solutions delivered over our secure LexasureCloud Insurtech-as-a-Service (IaaS) model that is fast and simple to deploy

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