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    Climate change is increasing the frequency of agricultural crises, potentially depriving small-scale farmers is Southeast Asia of food and livelihood: 68% of growers in Southeast Asia’s largest agricultural-producing countries are concerned with the impact of climate change.  

    Enter Flourish, a comprehensive mobile app providing farmers with insurance coverage and mobile technology in the event of failure to crops and livestock. The app integrates crucial data on crop performance, equipment functionality, weather patterns and soil conditions into one platform to help farmers make more informed and timely business decisions.


Features and Benefits

Unique & Actionable Analytics

Utilizing historical data and post-loss-event data, the insurer calculates the precise extent of the damage and simplifies the policy renewable process.

Settlement Accuracy & Fraud Prevention

With accurate and verified data, the insurer can settle claims quickly and with the knowledge that the risk of fraud is dramatically reduced.

Scheduled Data Collection & Analysis

Data collection via mobile app on a regular basis builds up historical and trending data for deep insights. Where applicable, mandated or standard insurance assessments can be replaced or guided by data entry.

Loss Event Reporting

Farmers are able to report losses due to weather or other insured risk events. Reports are validated by Insurer using external weather data and automated index-insurance platform.

Damage Assessment

Real-time photo and timestamp following Loss Event to ensure maximum accuracy and transparency.

Claims Management

After submission, users can easily track the progress of their claims and manage them.

Flourish can benefit both farmers and insurers

  • Stabilizing farmers with parametric insurance solutions

    Flourish measures exposure to offer parametric insurance solutions which rely on indices correlated to actual losses. It provides real-time trending data that enables farmers and insurers to calculate the extent of damage and quickly report losses, ensuring maximum accuracy and transparency with time-stamped photos. Farmers receive a payout of a predefined amount within a few days or weeks if the index reaches a predefined threshold.

    Flourish offers a dual benefit to farmers and insurers:



  • Claims are hard to quantify and can be subjective
  • Limited ability to manage moral hazard
  • Standard reinsurance rates
  • Time and resource cost of mandatory assessments

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