Digital Insurance

Empowering Insurers to Grow at Scale

Digital Insurance

We are creating a new ecosystem-based suite of digital insurance products. Insurance in the cloud, on mobile, integrated with payment and banking apps - Lexasure puts products your customers want in the palm of their hands.

Engage Your Customers
From Day One

Our digital insurance products are available for white-labelling, so insurers can quickly deploy them at a fraction of the time and cost.

Hassle-free Insurance

Equipped with features such as e-KYC (know your customer), our products provide users with a digital insurance experience that simplifies the onboarding process for new clients, reduces friction, and gets them generating revenue faster.

Manage All Your Policies
in One Place

All our digital insurance products will be integrated with the LexasureCloud platform so insurers can manage their digital insurance products and policies on one secure system.

Flourish | Digital Insurance for Agriculture

Flourish is an app that places all the insurance tools that a farmer needs to manage crops, equipment, stock, and husbandry in the palm of their hands.  It features integration with insurers for claims notification and allows risk management and support for claim adjudication. Flourish empowers farmers with the power of technology to control and manage their farms’ output and risk profile.


Vivacity | Digital Health Insurance

Vivacity is designed to promote healthy lifestyles and improves the engagement of insurers and health insurance customers. Our innovative app delivers free user-centric health information with every purchased policy. This valuable giveaway increases customer loyalty and enables insurers to add features, move customer interactions to self-service, and automate many routine transactions.


Lexasure is developing a robust suite of additional digital insurance platforms in collaboration with our clients to meet the needs of Asian consumers and businesses.

Digital Insurance

Today’s insurance consumer is well-versed in digital adoption. She expects products and services to leverage artificial intelligence and be personalized in a convenient mobile app. She has little patience for filling out complex paperwork, scanning forms, and waiting for quotes and responses. Fail to satisfy her desire for convenience, and she will go elsewhere. 

The insurance sector must keep up with ever-evolving customer needs to drive user adoption of automation and self-service and deepen engagement by employing digital technology and data-driven approaches. 

Lexasure is a global digital insurance company and digital adoption platform with a growing ecosystem-based suite of digital insurance products. We provide insurers with the tools to incentivize digital adoption and rapidly develop new products to meet the needs of local customers. We are driving the successful digital transformation of the insurance and reinsurance industries with scalable and innovative products that meet the local needs of companies and people in fast-growing Asian markets.

Lexasure leverages next-generation insurtech to make the insurance industry more efficient.

To support your digital transformation journey, Lexasure provides solutions that can be white-labeled and deployed at a fraction of the time and cost. Insurers can process claims instantly via mobile applications. They can write policies in minutes, not days, with machine learning capabilities. Digital assistants can help customers in real-time when they need it most.

Digital insurance is an umbrella term encompassing new technologies that will change the way nearly every carrier operates. Every modern insurance company must adopt a tech-first business model to sell and manage insurance policies and have a digital insurance arm in addition to traditional insurance practices.

A successful digital transformation strategy is built around the following pillars:

→ Exceed customer expectations with a forward-thinking product team. Lexasure enables small and medium insurers to deliver a next-gen digital experience.  We will work with you to seamlessly integrate your business model into web-based delivery, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and integration with digital distribution channels.

Design a digital adoption and product adoption strategy for every new platform, including user onboarding and walkthrough. We help our clients roll out omnichannel experiences to allow users to research, price, and purchase insurance online or through a mobile app without speaking directly to an agent in person.

Ensures that pricing, risk evaluation, and claims handling on digital adoption platforms relies on modern, open software platforms. Our insurtech platform uses open APIs and is connected to the LexasureCloud insurtech ecosystem to improve customer experience, sales enablement, and product adoption. 

Simplify insurance coverage options to cater to individuals or businesses with less complex insurance needs. Our platforms take the complexity out of understanding and purchasing insurance with easy-to-understand, jargon-free user interfaces. Insuretech should solve end customers' risk management problems without creating unneeded complexity.

Lexasure’s White-label Digital Insurance Products

Our “white label” products can be readily adapted to customer brands to encourage broad-scale digital adoption. APIs allow primary insurers to tap into new digital distribution channels to expand product offerings and potential customer pools while creating “virtual points of sale.”

A leading digital insurance company, Lexasure intelligently manages risk to offer immediate solutions through a dynamic mobile app.

Mobile App | Manage All Policies in One Place

For today’s Insurtech customer, a seamless user experience, quick response time, and 24/7 service aren’t just preferred — they are expected. Insurers must rise to meet these needs or risk falling behind. Rapidly evolving digital technology allows primary insurers to serve and satisfy their customers at a higher level while capturing more of their insurance wallet share. The Lexasure mobile app is purpose-built to easily manage and view all policies on one platform.

 The Lexasure digital insurance experience simplifies onboarding processes.

Insurtech | Features, and Benefits of Digital Tools for a Digital insurance company

The Future of Insurance includes Unique & Actionable Analytics

Using historical and post-loss-event data, our primary insurance clients can calculate the extent of risk exposure, customize pricing around various parameters, and simplify the policy renewal process.

Settlement Accuracy & Fraud Prevention

With accurate and verified data, the insurer can settle claims quickly and with the knowledge that the risk of fraud is dramatically reduced. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are used to spot trends in customer behavior that might be a red flag for fraud.

Scheduled Data Collection & Analysis

Regular deep data collection via mobile apps and IoT devices builds up historical and trending data for deep insights. Where applicable, mandated or standard insurance assessments can be replaced or guided by data entry.

Loss Event Reporting

Insured parties can report losses due to weather or other insured risk events. Reports are validated by Insurer using external weather data and an automated index-insurance platform.

Damage Assessment

Real-time photo and timestamp following Loss Event to ensure maximum accuracy and transparency.

Claims Management

After submission, users can easily track the progress of their claims and manage them through payment collection.

The Customer Experience of Insurance Digital transformation

Digital insurers are now fully aware that the digital transformation of the insurance industry is well underway.

Live chat, customer self-service portals, and online claims filing are all made possible by digital insurance applications and technologies like artificial intelligence and the internet of things, which grow and expand at an ever-increasing rate. 

Lexasure helps our clients to digitize the entire insurance value chain, including product management and development, sales and distribution, policy underwriting, renewals, claims, payments, and customer service.

Our platform empowers your team to focus on the customer experience while reducing the labor intensity of routine tasks. Our applications leverage machine learning, robotic process automation, and lower-cost chatbots—our comprehensive tech stack leveraged cloud computing to reduce barriers to small business technology adoption.

Based on our insurance-as-a-service (IaaS) model, converting to a digital operation does not require hiring developers, IT professionals, or outside experts in digital transformation initiatives.

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